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M Matt McKinlay May 24, 2023

Using Waterhole for our Community Feature Request Forum

Over the last few months I have been able to test Waterhole and use it for our Community Feature Request Forum- https://ideas.tana.inc/

So impressed with it. Want to highlight a few ways it's really made an impact -


Even though there's specific feature request software available, and Waterhole is more general forum software that you can use for different types of forums, we were able to design a better and more specific/unique feature request process than what we would have got with more expensive feature request software like Canny. Being able to set up our own taxonomies for status, experiment with different voting systems, have better search to reduce duplicates, and the logic of comment threads all has made a great experience enabled by better software.


Waterhole feels modern and doesn't look like every other discourse forum. The goal was to engage our community, I didn't appreciate how much the look of a forum would contribute to that. Waterhole looks great and distinct, and feels like it brings forums forward again to modern times/design standards, and you get to stand out relative to other choices.

Reliability and speed

We haven't had a single issue since the day we launched. I have spent a total of zero minutes worried about or dealing with reliability issues. We have a lot of members and posts. Speed of Waterhole also so impressive. Similar to design, speed totally under-appreciated as a factor in building engaging community.


Final one is Toby. He has been so easy to work with. Friendly, easy to talk to about ideas, and clearly has a high threshold for quality. Have enjoyed it so much.

Any other questions reach out!

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Thanks for sharing Matt!

Some questions for you: did you connect Waterhole to your existing userbase so people can post without having to create a Waterhole-specific account? If yes, could you share more details about how you handled this connection to your existing userbase?

Toby Toby Waterhole Founder May 25, 2023
In reply to S Shain

I can answer this, since I did the implementation. Currently authentication for the forum is exclusively via Google OAuth, the same as authentication for the Tana app. It's on the roadmap to work on a tighter auth integration though (as well as making Waterhole generally more capable in this regard).

In reply to Toby Toby

Thanks for your answer and your work Toby. I'll follow the progress on Waterhole regarding authentication as I'm interested to integrate it for the users of the Laravel app I'm working on.