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Subarist Subarist May 30, 2023

UTF-8 display Issues

It seems that there is a problem displaying UTF-8 correctly when retrieving data from the database.

a. Usernames using UTF-8 characters are not displaying the characters in the avatar.


b. The output of search results cannot display UTF-8 characters.


I suspect it's the same issue.

One positive thing is that when I search using UTF-8, it does return results.
I believe that if we can resolve the display issue, there should be no major problem with non-English character searches.

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In reply to Toby Toby

, it would be a great help if you could post bug reports to the GitHub issue tracker 🙂

Sure, I just need to learn how to use GitHub.😭
I have tested the updated source code for fixing UTF-8.
highlighting/username issue has been resolved.
Thank you.👍️