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J Joe Jul 6, 2023

Integration with an existing Laravel app

Can Waterhole be installed as a "drop in" to an existing Laravel installation in the same way that, say, Statamic CMS can be? There doesn't seem to be a mention of this in the docs.

If not, I guess installing it on the same domain alongside an existing installation and tweaking the nginx config would be acceptable, but if I've already got 50K users signed up in my existing Laravel installation for services that Waterhole will not be replacing, what would be the best way to provide a seamless experience so that they're not having to log in again to use Waterhole features?

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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Jul 7, 2023

Hi @Joe,

Yes, this is something that I'm planning to add official support/docs for. For now it's untested and probably fairly limited (eg. there's no way to configure a separate DB connection for Waterhole). But the gist would be:

  1. composer require waterholeforum/core into your Laravel project
  2. Follow the rest of the Waterhole installation instructions
  3. Configure Waterhole's path prefix

In terms of auth integration, there's no solution at the moment but it's also on the roadmap for one of the next couple releases.

Official support with auth would be great. I have a couple existing projects that could benefit from a self hosted community (currently on Circle). Right now, the Oauth flow with Circle works, but isn't optimal.

In reply to Toby Toby

Do you think you can provide us with an update on this?

I am interested in using this product for my project.