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Subarist Subarist Aug 9, 2023

Shrink down the pagination UI

Whaterhole currently employs "page" for display purposes, and the pagination also employs the concept of page numbers for presentation.
However, when there are a significant number of pages, the presentation style tends to occupy a considerable amount of space.
While techniques like using CSS properties such as max-height can limit the height, the current content only offers page navigation without additional significance.


Would it be worth considering to default height limitation that allows scrolling through the pages, centers the displayed pages, and provides some simple cues or information to enhance the navigation functionality of pagination?


These are just some thoughts and suggestions, which do not, of course, detract from Whaterhole's current excellence.

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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 5, 2023

Thanks for the suggestion @Subarist. IMO displaying a larger number of pages does serve a couple of purposes:

  • Provide the user a bigger target in which they can scroll through and navigate pages
  • Serve as a visual cue that there are a large number of pages in the discussion, not just a few

So right now there are no plans to change this part of the UI, but you can easily customise it yourself by changing the max-height of the scrollable container. Your suggestion to display the date alongside the current page number is potentially a nice idea.