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riegel02 riegel02 Aug 30, 2023

Proper SEO support for Waterhole


I have a feeling that this is already in roadmap, but want to add it here anyways. I really like how Waterhole is separating blog posts in the community, but the problem is missing SEO.

At the current company we have a problem with blog (Ghost), guides (separate site) and community (separate CMS), which makes everything complicated and we decided to put everything into one community, instead of supporting and upgrading 3 different things at the same time.

I think there is quite big audience who want to stick to one forum/community and have basic SEO support. For us what we need:

  • OpenGraph Protocol support (standard, twitter, FB).
  • Default HTML meta tags (description, etc)
  • Robots.txt
  • Schema.org SEO standards
  • Possibility to select image for OpenGraph. When the first post contains an image, it will be used instead or you can mark/tag is somehow.
  • Nofollow & dofollow link management system
  • Proper usage of H1, H2, H3, H4

I want to empathize that we are not looking for Ghost alternative, we only need basic SEO support. The already existing functionality is enough for blog post. I also think that I 100% missed something important :)

I am really glad that I found Waterhole and that you don't have "everything extension" mentality. Wish you guys a good luck and will follow your development closely!

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