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Stormlight Stormlight Apr 28, 2024

Storage Options (s3 etc)

I was looking to change the storage method for avatars/uploads to s3, and I updated my FILESYSTEM_DISK property on my Laravel .env file. However, avatar/uploads were still using the public disk.

According to the Upload Model, the disk being used is hardcoded. Wouldn't it be better to use the storage disk set in the .env file?

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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Apr 28, 2024

Yes, you're right - this should be configurable. Not necessarily using FILESYSTEM_DISK (as usually you want the app's default storage disk to be non-public), but by adding a new config option in Waterhole's config files. I've created an issue for tracking.

In the meantime, if you're not using the public disk for anything else, you could update it to use the s3 driver and settings in config/filesystems.php.