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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder May 25, 2023

Introduce Yourself 👋

Tell us where you're from, what you're building, and what excites you!

I'm Toby, living on Kaurna country in South Australia.

I have a long history building forum software – initially esoTalk with my late brother Simon, then Flarum, and now Waterhole. I'm also an ex-doctor, now building a study platform for medical students called eMedici.

I'm super excited to finally be sharing Waterhole with the world, and can't wait for some of the things I have planned!

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I'm Manuel, from the Canary Islands 🏝️

I've been working as a freelance community designer for the past two years now, with all my production projects based on Discourse. I'm excited to try my hands at Waterhole, it looks well-thought-out and fun to customize.

Kudos and congrats on the launch!


I'm Billy and I've played around with website creation, design, and management since 2002. I found esotalk years ago but didn't have the need for a forum. Then I found flarum and was so impressed I forced myself to find a need for a forum. I ran a poetry forum for a while with a few members and made some rudimentary flarum extensions. These days I'm without a traditional forum again (although a website I run is similar to a forum). And, I don't really have a need for one right now. Still, forum software has always been intriguing to me.

I wanted to stop by and say congratulations on the launch. I love how Waterhole is designed and the speed... wow! This is definitely the fasted loading forum software I've ever seen. Although I don't have the need, I hope a lot of people purchase licenses and support the project. ☮️

I’m Josh, from the UK 🇬🇧

I’ve been into web development since the age of 12, always kept it as a hobby though as my day job is within the emergency services. I’ve particularly enjoyed playing with forums and have run many communities in the past which I throughly enjoy.

Been using Laravel since v4 I think and I’m hooked. It makes everything much more enjoyable. Found flarum from the first launch and enjoyed it but never got into it. Been waiting with anticipation for waterhole and I’m more than impressed. Been tinkering with it recently and looking to do a few extensions soon!

I'm René, from Mexico City, now based in Barcelona 🇲🇽 🇪🇸

I've been looking for a platform to host my community around blank.page (simple writing app on the browser) for a while now - I first tried Podia, then Circle, then considered Discourse but it's a little too complex for my taste.

Looks like Waterhole strikes a nice balance between a modern web app and a more traditional forum experience. Excited to see how this evolves in the months to come!

Hello all! My name is Julian and I’m currently looking for alternatives to a forum software. This one looks fantastic and i can’t wait to see how it evolves!

Hi, I am Chris from QLD Australia. I have played with a few social networks, starting with socialengine built on the zend framework, then PHPBB, Discourse etc but when I found flarum I loved it and the tagging feature. Someone updated and extended it to forumium. However Waterhole is the best by far. Toby, you're a genius, and must have outstanding time management.

Here is Frank from the Netherlands. It has been raining cats and dogs for weeks now, but the discovery of Waterhole really brighten my day!

I will get started in a week or so with this package, I can make a real difference in the current niche I am in with Waterhole. Thanks a lot!