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Quick update — We're now considering using Waterhole's default auth as the main Login method for our web app too ( This way we have a single user database and avoid having to match accounts.

Is it possible to customize Waterhole's login/signup pages so they can be used as "generic" login modules? Similar to Google's sign-in that's used to access its different services.

Anyway, maybe this use-case can help shape the upcoming SSO feature...?

  1. Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Aug 12, 2023
    In reply to René René

    Using Waterhole as an auth provider for external apps is not currently supported. I will keep this in mind when building the SSO feature – that could definitely be a useful addition.

    The other way to do it would be to implement Laravel Passport to add an OAuth2 server to your Waterhole installation, and then authenticate external apps with that. But this would require a bit of custom dev work.