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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 9, 2023
In reply to Sam Sam

No, unfortunately I've not been able to reproduce the issue, and it was never submitted on GitHub. If you're experiencing it too, would greatly appreciate if you can provide further information in a bug report.

  1. Sam Sam Website Builder and Programmer Nov 9, 2023
    In reply to Toby Toby

    I found the issue was on my end. I was using MariaDB 11.1.2 instead of MySQL 8.0.23+. So I changed over to a MySQL database and it is working just fine now 👍

  2. In reply to Toby Toby

    The addition of a comment button has been done in V0.3, thanks @Toby .
    However, on the mobile, I still believe that placing the comment button within a dropdown menu or in a fixed location is necessary.
    In discussions with multiple pages, it's truly challenging to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the "Write a comment..." section.