Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Jul 31, 2023

Waterhole 0.3

Waterhole 0.3 is here with pinned posts, comment hiding, smart mention suggestions, performance improvements, and a ton of other improvements and fixes.


0.3 contains some essential features to help manage posts and comments in your community, improve the user experience when posting, and more. To explore all the smaller details, check out the Release Notes.

📌 Pinned Posts

Moderators can now pin important posts to the top of the feed to give them increased visibility and make sure they can't be missed. You can have as many posts pinned as you like, although it's recommended to only pin one or two at a time so they don't take up too much space.


🫥 Comment Hiding

As an alternative to being deleted permanently, comments can now be hidden to clean up a discussion. Anyone can expand a hidden comment to read it in full. Moderators can also specify a reason for hiding a comment – such as off-topic, inappropriate, or spam – which will be displayed on the collapsed comment.


🗑️ Post Trash

Instead of deleting posts and all of their comments permanently, posts can now be moved to the trash, allowing them to be recovered if needed. Only admins and moderators can view trashed posts.

💬 Smart Mention Suggestions

When you type the @ character while writing a comment, Waterhole will now suggest recent commenters as well as the original poster. Additionally, your comment will be marked as a reply to the selected user's most recent comment in the thread.


🏎️ Performance Improvements

Waterhole is now even faster thanks to a few optimisations. In particular, reaction users and action menus now load lazily, speeding up page loads. The default number of posts and comments per page has also been slightly reduced, though this is configurable.

✨ Other Improvements

There are a whole range of minor enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Add a Comment button in the post sidebar
  • Use a more compact layout for comments on small screens
  • Use color to make search result keyword highlights more prominent
  • Get a "mention" notification when someone replies to your comment
  • Make "follow posts I comment on" preference also automatically follow posts you create
  • Limit one notification per user per new comment
  • Show links in channel picker when creating new posts

Upgrading From 0.2

In your composer.json file, change the waterhole/core requirement:

- "waterhole/core": "^0.2"
+ "waterhole/core": "^0.3"

Then run:

composer update waterhole/core --with-dependencies
php artisan migrate
php artisan waterhole:cache:clear

What's Next

The next release, 0.4, will focus on integrations: single sign-on with external authentication providers, integration into existing Laravel apps, and a JSON API so you can read and write forum data outside of Waterhole.

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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Aug 15, 2023
In reply to Manuel Manuel

Oops, forgot to include these command in the upgrade instructions:

php artisan migrate
php artisan waterhole:cache:clear

Try that and it should solve those errors. See the Updating docs page for info.

In reply to Toby Toby

Yeah I had included these commands already. I actually dropped all tables with a migrate:fresh as well, as it's just test installations. But I still get the errors. Not sure how I can further investigate what's going wrong?

Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 9, 2023
In reply to Sam Sam

No, unfortunately I've not been able to reproduce the issue, and it was never submitted on GitHub. If you're experiencing it too, would greatly appreciate if you can provide further information in a bug report.

Sam Sam Website Builder and Programmer Nov 9, 2023
In reply to Toby Toby

I found the issue was on my end. I was using MariaDB 11.1.2 instead of MySQL 8.0.23+. So I changed over to a MySQL database and it is working just fine now 👍

In reply to Toby Toby

The addition of a comment button has been done in V0.3, thanks @Toby .
However, on the mobile, I still believe that placing the comment button within a dropdown menu or in a fixed location is necessary.
In discussions with multiple pages, it's truly challenging to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the "Write a comment..." section.


In reply to Toby Toby

This is great. I do agree with the post above that having to scroll down on a mobile to start a reply could become tedious. A pop up reply message or something to avoid the scrolling would be great.

Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 17, 2023


v0.3.1 has been released with the following changelog:


  • Add Traditional Chinese (zh-Hant) translation (#8 by @efast1568)
  • Update French translation (#14 by @Qiaeru)


  • Load reaction counts as a relationship rather than via query scopes


  • Fix reactions disappearing when following/unfollowing a post
  • Opt out of smooth scrolling on Google Chrome
  • Fix Copy Link action not working
  • Disable login submit button to prevent double-submission
  • Fix mobile page selector sometimes displaying incorrect page number
  • Fix active nav items and buttons not highlighted in Firefox
  • Remove max-height from images causing loss of aspect ratio
  • Remove extra space from post title on comment page
  • Fix post Delete Forever action not working
  • Fix crawlers causing 500 error with invalid pagination cursor
  • Don't scroll all the way to bottom of the page when opening composer

Congrats on the great work. Thinking about using this for a football forum so just wondering what the roadmap looks like specifically on these items. I appreciate the project is new and you might be concentrating on the core elements first and foremost. I also understand most of these will be subjective.

  • Polls (up to 11 answers)
  • Private Messaging
  • Users reporting posts
  • Not following posts automatically but option to follow. (Realise subjective)
  • First post title and text too big. Would prefer title font maybe large and the text the same as the other posts which I think is medium. See screenshot which changed in browser (Again, appreciate this is subjective and I am sure could be changed easily with custom CSS)
  • Reaction icons not showing on main thread list and only inside the thread. (Subjective and I am sure easy to CSS to remove)
  • Share posts to social media although copying a link is just as easy.
  • Ignore users