Comment #⁨14⁩

Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 17, 2023


v0.3.1 has been released with the following changelog:


  • Add Traditional Chinese (zh-Hant) translation (#8 by @efast1568)
  • Update French translation (#14 by @Qiaeru)


  • Load reaction counts as a relationship rather than via query scopes


  • Fix reactions disappearing when following/unfollowing a post
  • Opt out of smooth scrolling on Google Chrome
  • Fix Copy Link action not working
  • Disable login submit button to prevent double-submission
  • Fix mobile page selector sometimes displaying incorrect page number
  • Fix active nav items and buttons not highlighted in Firefox
  • Remove max-height from images causing loss of aspect ratio
  • Remove extra space from post title on comment page
  • Fix post Delete Forever action not working
  • Fix crawlers causing 500 error with invalid pagination cursor
  • Don't scroll all the way to bottom of the page when opening composer