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Congrats on the great work. Thinking about using this for a football forum so just wondering what the roadmap looks like specifically on these items. I appreciate the project is new and you might be concentrating on the core elements first and foremost. I also understand most of these will be subjective.

  • Polls (up to 11 answers)
  • Private Messaging
  • Users reporting posts
  • Not following posts automatically but option to follow. (Realise subjective)
  • First post title and text too big. Would prefer title font maybe large and the text the same as the other posts which I think is medium. See screenshot which changed in browser (Again, appreciate this is subjective and I am sure could be changed easily with custom CSS)
  • Reaction icons not showing on main thread list and only inside the thread. (Subjective and I am sure easy to CSS to remove)
  • Share posts to social media although copying a link is just as easy.
  • Ignore users
  1. Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 19, 2023
    In reply to S seasider

    Thanks @seasider! I can't give any timeframes, but I can say what's planned (as it currently stands) and which things you are likely to see before others:

    • Polls - planned, low priority
    • Private messaging - planned, medium priority
    • Reporting - planned, high priority
    • Not following posts automatically - can be configured by user in Notification Preferences
    • First post title and text too big - use custom CSS
    • Hide reactions on post feed - use custom CSS or PostListItem::remove('reactions') (docs)
    • Share posts to social media - not planned but would be easy for someone to make an extension
    • Ignore users - not planned but would consider, low priority