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René René Sep 18, 2023

Issues with locked comments

I'm experiencing some issue when comments are locked in a post. Sometimes the comment box is still visible (see screenshot) and it doesn't display the notice ("Comments are locked."). The weird thing is that it doesn't happen with all posts...

Is this a bug? Anyone else having trouble with this?

CleanShot 2023-09-18 at 12.15.41@2x.png

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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 5, 2023

Hey @René! Locking comments doesn't apply to administrators (or anyone with the "moderate" permission for the current channel). However, in this case the "Comments are locked" notice should still display above the comment box.

Can you confirm that if you impersonate a regular user, you're unable to post a comment in a locked post? And as an admin, is there any discernible pattern to when the notice displays vs when it doesn't? (e.g. in a specific channel, only when there a multiple pages of comments, etc)