Toby Toby Waterhole Founder May 30, 2023

Waterhole 0.2

Waterhole 0.2 is here with a security fix, better emoji support, new translations, and a whole range of other improvements and fixes.


0.2 is mostly about smaller enhancements and bug fixes, but there are a few notable changes. To explore all the smaller details, check out the Release Notes.

🤩 Improved Emoji Support

Emojis are now rendered using TextFormatter, the formatting library used by Waterhole. This is more performant and fixes a security vulnerability with the old emoji rendering method. It also means you can configure Waterhole to use an alternative emoji set instead of Twemoji.

🗣️ New Translations

Waterhole has been translated into 🇫🇷 French (thanks to @Qiaeru) and 🇷🇺 Russian (thanks to @Awilum). You can enable these locales on your installation by adding the following to your WaterholeServiceProvider:

Extend\Locales::add('French', 'fr');
Extend\Locales::add('Russian', 'ru');

✨ Other Improvements

There are a whole range of minor enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Internal links no longer open in a new window
  • The post last activity time now links to the last comment
  • Slightly decreased the container width and typographic measure to improve readability
  • Added the ability to look up users by ID in the CP
  • Fix the text editor emoji popup not displaying
  • Fix an error when running the waterhole:make:extension command
  • Fix the bottom of composer textarea going off-screen

Upgrading From 0.1

Upgrade Using Composer

In your composer.json file, change the waterhole/core requirement:

- "waterhole/core": "^0.1"
+ "waterhole/core": "^0.2"

Then run:

composer update waterhole/core --with-dependencies

Update Emoji Configuration

The emoji configuration in config/waterhole/design.php has changed. To continue using Twemoji in your project, you'll need to make the following change:

- 'twemoji_base' => '',
+ 'emoji_url' => '{@tseq}.svg',

Reformat Content

Emojis in content are now formatted at parse-time rather than at render-time. Run the following command to reparse emojis in all existing content:

php artisan waterhole:reformat
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