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Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Nov 19, 2023
In reply to S seasider

Thanks @seasider! I can't give any timeframes, but I can say what's planned (as it currently stands) and which things you are likely to see before others:

  • Polls - planned, low priority
  • Private messaging - planned, medium priority
  • Reporting - planned, high priority
  • Not following posts automatically - can be configured by user in Notification Preferences
  • First post title and text too big - use custom CSS
  • Hide reactions on post feed - use custom CSS or PostListItem::remove('reactions') (docs)
  • Share posts to social media - not planned but would be easy for someone to make an extension
  • Ignore users - not planned but would consider, low priority
Toby Toby Waterhole Founder Dec 1, 2023


v0.3.2 has been released with the following changelog:


  • Show comment button in post footer on mobile


  • Fix comment composer being unreachable on mobile (#44)
  • Prevent composer re-appearing on page reload after it has been closed (#46)
  • Fix comment composer not clearing after submission
  • Prevent unnecessary post page load when jumping to page 1
  • Only configure Laravel Echo if Pusher is configured
  • Fix entire page scrolling when navigating through @mention suggestions
In reply to Toby Toby

That’s great and much easier on a mobile.

One thing I have noticed and not sure if by design or not. When you start a new comment after a reply comment, the text and person you previously replied to is then copied into the main new comment box. You have to then remove the mention and text to comment on the main post.


  1. Reply to comment
  2. Make new comment at bottom of page.
  3. Previous reply and mention showing in new comment box.