Waterhole can be translated into any language, and we welcome contributions from the community.

Waterhole uses Project Fluent, a fully-featured localization system for natural-sounding translations. Read the Fluent Syntax Guide to learn more about syntax and its benefits.


Set the default language for your forum in config/app.php. You can also choose a fallback locale in case any translations are lagging behind when new content and strings are added.

'locale' => 'fr',
'fallback_locale' => 'en',

Available Languages

Language Code
English en

Translations are community-contributed so they may not always be up-to-date. If you find a missing or incorrect translation, you can contribute a fix.

Local Overrides

You can override individual translation strings in your project by placing files in your resources/lang/vendor/waterhole/{locale} directory. You can take a look at Waterhole's language files to find the translations you want to override.

If, for example, you'd like to override the English translation strings in forum.ftl, then create a new file in your project called resources/lang/vendor/waterhole/en/forum.ftl. Within this file, you should only define the translation strings you wish to override. Any translation strings you don't override will still be loaded from the Waterhole's original language files.

post-title-label = Subject

Refer to the Fluent Syntax Guide to learn about the syntax for .ftl files.

Contributing New Translations

To contribute new or missing translations to Waterhole, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the waterholeforum/core Git repository locally.
  2. Make changes to the translations in resources/lang:
    • To create translations for a new language, copy the files in the en directory into a new directory. You can name this directory a short 2 character language code (fr) or the full 4 character regional code (fr_CA).
    • Edit the translation files. Refer to the Fluent Syntax Guide to learn about the syntax for .ftl files.
  3. Commit your changes and submit a PR.